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    Split Single; Prime Sinister / Something to Burn – Bleed


    Split Single; Prime Sinister / Something to Burn – Bleed

    EUR 2,00

    Am Lager – 1 verfügbar

    Art.-Nr.: 1006
    full_Something_to_burn   Released May 1993 in an edition of 500 copies, this is the debut vinyl release by Prime Sinister. On this split single, they team up with pals Something To Burn, where each band does their own version of the same song, which was written by siblings Joe of Something To Burn and Jeannette of Prime Sinister (yet another version appears on the Doc Wör Mirran double LP “Doctors Fighting Wars For Man”). As the Prime Sinister version, a remixed version from the second demo, was recorded first and was so well-produced, Something To Burn opted for the opposite, and delivered a very raw, unproduced version. Both bands also played this song regularly in their live sets.